Ukulele Lessons

Welcome to our ukulele page. Here you will find all the information about our ukulele lessons. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Ukuleles lessons are a fantastic way to introduce younger children to music. It is smaller than guitar and so is easier for smaller hands to hold and play. These lessons provide children with the skills and ability to move into guitar lessons when they are ready.

However these lessons are also suitable for adults who are wanting to learn the ukulele.

Each lesson is 30 minutes long, teaching will stop after 25 minutes which allows each teacher to give feedback to parents and carers. We use this time to clean all equipment that has been used at the end of each lessons so it is clean and ready for the next student.

Ukulelelesson are taught 1 to 1 which allows the teacher to focus on each student and help gain their full potential.

1 to 1 lessons are £18.00 which can either be paid with a half term invoice or you can spread over the year to £66.00 per month, this includes all term time lessons and up to 5 floater lessons depending on which month you start.

Group lessons are taught in groups of 2 students. These lessons are £13.00 per each student. These lessons are paid via standing order of £48.00 per month. This payment includes all term time lessons plus 5 additional lessons that students can use in the school holidays. The amount of floater lessons depends on when the student starts.

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