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Amanda Sandberg

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Music school: Newcastle, Newcastle East

I began learning to play the piano at 5 years old and haven’t looked back. I worked my way up the grades taking Associated Board Royal of Music examinations. When I was 13 years old I joined a jazz big band and learnt a completely different style of playing. It made sense to continue my learning by studying Jazz, Popular and Commercial studies at university and graduated with Honours. Whilst studying I have performed in many bands such as Abba tributes (I still have the pictures) Motown, 80s Rock, duets and more recently acoustic sets for weddings.

Haythem Mohammed

Guitar and Ukulele Teacher

Music school: Newcastle, Newcastle East

Hello musical people! I am Haythem Mohamed and I’ve been playing guitar since I was 16 years old. I have played in guitar festivals all around the world, and played on the Sky Arts TV show ‘Guitar Star’ (think X-Factor but for guitar!) I am currently signed to a guitar-music record label and play a variety of gigs. I am a Music Graduate of Newcastle University with a solid grounding in music theory and different musical styles.

Courtney Winfield

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Music school: Newcastle, Newcastle East

I’ve always been fascinated by the piano. From a young age I remember hearing songs on the radio or TV and wanting to learn them on my little keyboard. I would sit at my keyboard for hours on end trying to match the notes to the songs I heard on the radio or TV. When I managed to get them right, I would get so excited. This is when my love for music began.

During my teen years I began formal music education. At college I was introduced to ensemble work and played piano for the big band and various small ensembles. I also learnt to play in a variety of different popular music styles (pop, jazz, rock, reggae, you name it!).

After college, I studied Music at Newcastle university where I majored in jazz piano. During my time here, I acquired a deep fascination with jazz piano and theory. My university years influenced my piano style drastically and I am always excited to continue developing!

I am now very happy to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for music with others. Look forward to seeing you at Little Beethovens Music School!

Carys Ward

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Music school: Newcastle East

Whilst playing the violin and flute at school, I would bring all of my sheet music home and play it on my keyboard. That’s when I realised I should be playing the piano, and began piano lessons when I was 10.

I then pursued Music through GSCE, College, Undergraduate and Postgraduate education, achieving my Masters in 2018. I also worked my way up through the Associated Board Royal of Music exams, achieving Grade 8 in Piano and Singing, as well as Grade 8 Music Theory with the London College of Music.

Initially aiming to become a primary school teacher, I decided to focus my efforts just on music! Music has played a huge role in my life, and I am keen to share the enjoyment music can bring to others. I like to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere when I teach, getting to know everyone individually and making them as comfortable as possible. Although mainly being classically trained, I enjoy playing pop and contemporary music, and I’m confident in teaching a variety of styles.

Looking forward to seeing you at Little Beethoven’s soon!

Laura Hodgkinson

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Music school: Newcastle

I started my journey of piano playing at the age of 8 and my love for the instrument has continuously grown! I spent my beginning years playing for fun while working through graded books. At the age of 13, I began working my way through the ABRSM graded examinations.

During my secondary education, I studied music right up to my A-levels and additionally, I would regularly play piano in the foyer and take part in classical school bands and accompany choirs.

I moved to Newcastle in 2015 when I began a BA in Drama and Scriptwriting at Northumbria University. Although busy with my degree I still spent time playing piano and played accompaniments to my final second-year performance and also for a professional promotional video for a creative company.

I am primarily classically trained but love venturing into other genres! My aim while teaching is to always make sure the student is happy, comfortable and smiling! Whether it’s playing for fun or for examination purposes, learning how to play piano should be enjoyable for all!

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