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It doesn’t matter what age or ability you are we can adapt each lesson to help you reach your target. If you are a beginner we can teach you the skills and techniques you will need to learn how to read music or if you have had lessons before we can work on the techniques and songs and expand your skills. If you have a particular song or genre that you would like to explore we can look at that or alternatively I can show you some songs that will strengthen and expand your skills.


Adults can take lessons learning the piano, guitar, ukulele and vocals

1 to 1 lessons are £15.00 which will be invoiced every month. All adult lessons are 1-1.


Monday - Thursday - 11:00 - 20.00

Friday 11:00 - 18:00

Saturday 10:00 - 15:00

Sunday 10:00 - 15:00


  • How to read music through playing and music theory

  • A thorough knowledge of rhythm and harmony through music, chord progressions and song structure

  • Aural skills to help understand melody, rhythm and harmony

  • Correct technique and posture

  • Opportunity to work towards Associate Board Royal School of Music examinations OR to learn for fun and enjoy learning about a new hobby

Its Never Too Late To Start


Some people ask us if there is a certain age group that we teach…the answer is NO! Anybody of any age can learn how to play an instrument. Here are some reason why learning to play an instrument can also help you in other ways.


  • Because adult learning can reduce stress.

  • Because adult learning can help make you healthier.

  • Because our brains don’t stop working as an adult 

  • Because learning a musical instrument can increase your vocabulary

  • Learning a musical instrument can build your own confidence

  • Learning a musical instrument can help increase memory

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