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piano classes - ages 7 - 15 years

At Little Beethovens Music School, we offer group piano classes for children aged 7-15. Our classes provide a welcoming and fun space for your child to explore music and develop their skills on the piano. Designed to foster a love of music, our knowledgeable teachers guide children through learning both treble and bass clefs, and playing with both hands. Students will enhance their music theory knowledge and learn how to write notes, which helps them develop better music reading skills. With a focus on engaging and effective teaching techniques, our students learn at a quicker rate, so they can progress faster. We also help students prepare for ABRSM Prep exams to provide additional motivation for their learning.



Piano classes are £10.00 each and can be paid via half term or you can spread the cost over the year to £32.50 per month via standing order. Payments made via standing order are paid on the 1st of each month

Piano Lesson

Benefits of our classes include:

Learn how to read and write music


Piano skills


Music theory knowledge




Play as an ensemble


Playing with 2 hands


Improve rhythm skills


Musical language


Listening skills




Promotes friendship


Builds confidence

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