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Ukulele Lessons

Welcome to our ukulele page. Here you will find all the information about our ukulele lessons. If you have any further questions, please contact us.


Ukuleles lessons are a fantastic way to introduce younger children to music. It is smaller than guitar and so is easier for smaller hands to hold and play.  These lessons provide children with the skills and ability to move into guitar lessons when they are ready.


However these lessons are also suitable for adults who are wanting to learn the ukulele. Lessons are structured for all age groups and all abilities. 


1-2-1 ukulele lesson are taught 1 to 1 in the school holidays.

1 to 1 lessons are £20.00 per lesson.

In the ukulele lesson your child will learn how to


  • The structure of the ukulele

  • Understanding rhythm and melody

  • Strumming patterns

  • A good understanding of chords and chord patterns

  • A good knowledge of music theory

Theory lessons will include

  • Being able to read and write music

  • Recognising rhythms and tempos 

  • Reading musical score

  • Help you understand the reason and how music is composed

  • Opportunity to work towards Associate Board Royal School of Music examinations




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