Music Classes in Schools

Music Lessons in Schools

Does your school want to offer music lessons for your students? Well look no further we offer music lessons for the following instruments:






The children are taught in groups. Depending on the instrument, depends on the size of the group.

Teaching in groups is beneficial to the children as it can help their confidence and improve their teamwork skills.

Students will have the opportunity to perform in our shows. This year we have 2 shows, Little Beethovens Got Talent and the Christmas Show.

Our Lessons

Our lessons provide children with an opportunity to learn and develop their music skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Children would learn how to play their instrument and music knowledge. We use different teaching techniques to help children learn and keep the lessons engaging. We offer to teach music theory. Music theory allows children to be creative with music and improves their music knowledge.

Lessons are planned and prepared to help students reach their full potential

Students have targets to work towards

We have a cross curricular syllabus to help students in other subjects

Students have the opportunity to perform in our annual shows


Schools have the option to payment of the lessons:

Parents are invoiced on a termly basis

The school can be invoiced by us at an hourly rate

More information can be provided.

For more information please contact us 



We can organise a meeting with the yourself at your school to discuss the needs and offer more information on our lessons

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